Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Essentials of Greek Biblical B 501 Smith Fall Term
Smith, Mitzi
Introductory Biblical Hebrew Biblical B 505 Fall Term
Breed, Brennan
Old Testament Interpretation I Biblical B 520 Fall Term
Brown, Bill
The Aesthetic Word Biblical B 619 Fall Term
Brown, Bill
Postcolonial Readings of the Gospels Biblical B 628 Fall Term
Nadella, Raj
Roman Slavery, the New Testament, and Contemporary Slave Narratives Biblical B 635 Fall Term
Smith, Mitzi
Old Testament Perspectives on Idolatry Biblical B 655 Summer Term
Hubler, Caitlin
Participants need access to an NRSV Bible. Other required readings will be on Moodle.
Gospel Parables Biblical B 673 Fall Term
Nadella, Raj
History of Christianities: Beginnings through 1700 CE Historical Doctrinal H 543 Fall Term
Ward, Haruko
Black Embodied Culture, Theology, and Ethics Historical Doctrinal H 561 S Fall Term
Symmonds, Nicole
History of African American Religious Thought Historical Doctrinal H 575 Fall Term
McDonald, Jermaine
African Women's Theologies Historical Doctrinal H 589 Fall Term
The Age of Reformations: A Postcolonial Look Historical Doctrinal H 604 Fall Term
Ward, Haruko
Christian Theology I Historical Doctrinal HD 550 Fall Term
Hartman, Tim
Project Proposal Workshop Interdisciplinary I 731 Summer Term
Campbell, Kelly
A Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership Practical Theology P 618 Summer Term
Galindo, Israel
DMin Christian Worship, Human Difference, and Divine Justice Practical Theology P 740 J Summer Term
Spurrier, Rebecca
Advanced Studies in Faith and Human Development Practical Theology P 771 / P 872 Summer Term
Dawson, Kathy
Supervised Ministry Supervised Ministry SM Courses Summer Term
Park, Sue Kim

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