Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Transformative Leadership: Biblical Paradigms of Leadership for the 21st Century Biblical BL 7410 Summer Term
Nadella, Raj
Love and Justice Historical Doctrinal HD 5601 Summer Term
Douglas, Mark
Theologies of Sexuality and Gender Historical Doctrinal HJ 7410 Summer Term
Moore-Keish, Martha
MA(TS) Seminar Interdisciplinary I 5000 Fall Term
Hartman, Tim
ThM Research Methods Seminar Interdisciplinary I 7010 Fall Term
Douglas, Mark
Project Proposal Workshop Interdisciplinary I 731 Summer Term
Campbell, Kelly
Introduction to Practical Theology Practical Theology P 5000 Fall Term
Dawson, Kathy
Sharp, Mindy McGarrah
DEdMin Educational Care Resources Practical Theology P 774 Summer Term
Hong, Christine
All other course readings will be on Moodle.
Supervised Ministry Supervised Ministry SM Courses Summer Term
Park, Sue Kim

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