Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Race and the New Testament Biblical B 636 Summer Term
Sechrest, Love
Womanist and Feminist Biblical Interpretation and Social Justice Biblical B 832 Summer Term
Smith, Mitzi
Essentials of Greek Biblical B501 Summer Term
Holmes, Chris
Public Speaking:Shaping Theological Voices Historical Doctrinal HD 878 Summer Term
Douglas, Mark
DMin Intro Seminar - Gospel, Culture and Transformation Interdisciplinary I 722 Summer Term
Hartman, Tim
MA(TS) Seminar Interdisciplinary I500 Fall Term
Myers, Jake
ThM Research Methods Seminar Interdisciplinary I701 Fall Term
Douglas, Mark
Project Proposal Workshop Interdisciplinary I731 B Summer Term
Tribble, Jeffery
Advanced Study in Faith and Human Development Practical Theology P 772/872 Summer Term
Dawson, Kathy
Introduction to Practical Theology Practical Theology P500 Fall Term
Dawson, Kathy
Sharp, Mindy McGarrah
Congregation-Based Internship:Basic Supervised Ministry SM 510
Park, Sue Kim
Supervised Ministry Supervised Ministry SM 510A
Park, Sue Kim
Supervised Ministry Supervised Ministry SM 510B
Park, Sue Kim
Congregation-Based Internship:Advanced Supervised Ministry SM 620
Park, Sue Kim
Advanced Internship-Specialized Ministry Supervised Ministry SM 630
Park, Sue Kim

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